Yallingup Caves

Yallingup Cave YA 1.
Northcote Grotto YA 2.

The Yallingup area has some of the thickest limestone of the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge, but despite this very few large caves or extensive systems have been found, probably because there are very few streams to allow for the development of large systems.

Yallingup Cave YA 1 Yallingup Cave itself is well worth a visit. It is currently a tourist cave. A palaeontological dig was carried out in this cave over a period of five years by a member of WASG. The formation in this cave is excellent and there are several sections to visit. It is the largest cave system known in the Yallingup area and a new extension was recently found in this cave ! A short walk from this cave leads to Yallingup Gorge. This is a karst feature worth visiting as there are several caves in the area, YA 12 and YA 29 being two of them.

Driving from Yallingup to Bunker Bay, one can visit a number of interesting sea caves and other karst features. One of these sea caves is YA 14, a cave which is developed in medium grained granulite, beach conglomerate and aeolian calcarenite. It also has a hole in the roof in which one can see the bedding planes.

Northcote Grotto On the way south along Caves Road, Northcote Grotto can be visited. In this cave a stream can be seen flowing in the lower sections, this being only one of two caves in the area in which a stream is visible.

Cave Number Length
Ketelack Cave YA26 490m
Northcote Grotto YA2 130m
Yallingup Cave YA1 750m
Lost Pearl Cave YA50 110m