The area north of Witchcliffe is Margaret River, starting at Calgardup Brook and finishing at Ellensbrook. There is only a small karst area containing 20 known karst features of which six are major caves. Four of these, Milligan's, Walcliffe, Blackboy Hollow and Witchcliffe Caves are old tourist caves.

Milligan's Cave MR 19
Wallcliffe Cave MR 4
Beenup Cave MR 20
Blackboy Hollow
Witchcliffe Cave

Milligan's Cave MR 19 can be visited while you are making a trip to Meekadorabee Cave. Equipment is needed to descend into the cave as it has a 6 m entrance pitch. This cave was used as a tourist cave at the turn of the century. A descent into the cave passes through a fairly heavily decorated section on the left before reaching the main chamber. The floor of the main chamber consists of sand and rock with some bone material. Proceed onwards around a large rockpile to the terminal chamber which contains some good examples of calcified tree roots. A guide is needed to find this cave.

Wallcliffe Cave MR 4 Further south near the mouth of the Margaret River are two other caves of some importance, both completely different. One of these is Wallcliffe Cave MR 4, an ex-tourist cave found by Grace Bussel in 1870. This cave is situated at the back of Wallcliffe House on the edge of a paddock and is easily reached from the road. This cave has been vandalised badly and many old names can be seen written on the formation.

Beenup Cave MR 20 Situated in the limestone hill overlooking Prevally Park Caravan Site is Beenup Cave MR 20. This cave was discovered in 1975 by members of WASG and is locked. The system is a classic inclined fissure cave and is heavily decorated. The entrance was dug out and the cave itself is over 300 m long, no equipment is necessary. The terminal chamber ends in a rockpile and the floor is a rich black loam washed in from outside. The possibility of extending this cave is good. Approximately 100 m away is a large doline known as Rainbow Cave. This is worth a visit if only for photographic reasons. Foxhole Cave MR 9 is not far away and could be visited if a guide knows where it is. This cave has three chambers, one of which is well decorated and the terminating chamber contains scattered bones of many small animals.

Blackboy Hollow Cave Parking the car at the Boodjidup Brook, one would need to walk for approximately 2 km to reach each of these caves. Blackboy Hollow Cave is considered the finest cave in this area. The walk to the cave takes you past the magnificent blackboy's the cave was named after. (See Photo to the right) Equipment is needed to negotiate the 6m entrance shaft into a large chamber but you will have to unlock the gate first ! The key is held by the CALM office in Margaret River. A permit is required to enter the cave. This cave was an old show cave. The old pathways lead down into a magnificent lower level of immense proportions. Formation in this chamber is very good. Deeper into the floor of this chamber can be seen the old stream course.  


Photo of Jim Campbell squatting next to one of the magnificent Blackboys that Blackboy Hollow Cave was named after.

Here are two photographs of some of the smaller, but interesting speleothems in Blackboy Hollow Cave.


Suckerpod Formation - Photo of small 10-15cm long sucker pod formations. These straws are believed to have grown into the an old sand floor forming the sucker pod and then the floor has fallen away leaving the pod in mid air.



 Moonmilk Covered Roof Pendant - Picture of a moonmilk covered roof Pendant. Large quantities of moonmilk cover the roof and some formations at one end of the cave.

Witchcliffe Cave is an interesting walk from the car. It has a magnificent setting above Boodjidup Brook where it opens into Devil's Pool. A cliff face at the head of the valley at the west end of the pool and on the north side of the stream contains the cave entrance. An overhang contains a 2 m drop down to water. Old wooden tables and a small stream, which requires some 7 m down a steep slope, can be seen. Stairs lead to the cave entrance above the overhang. Many old columns in two small chambers divide the cave and add to it's interest. This is an old tourist cave and a guide may be needed to locate it.