Check out these pictures of Darren Brooks in Owl Roost C-4 and Bell Cave at Cape Range.


Darren Brooks in Owl Roost standing next to the largest column known from Cape Range.


Darren Brooks standing in the entrance of Owl Roost. Note the large Fig tree in the entrance. The next photo shows the roots of the Fig taken from within the cave.


Darren Brooks standing at the bottom of the entrance to Owl Roost. The roots in the photo are from the Fig tree shown in the previous photo. The normal method of descent is to climb down the Fig roots.


Darren Brooks about to abseil the 17m entrance pitch is Bell Cave. Note the railway line used as a belay. This pitch was the site of Western Australia's first, and only, caving death when a young man fell from a rope he was climbing hand over hand.

ray 118b

Ray Wood climbing a ladder in C118()


Steve East climbing a ladder out of C137() "Booreah cave" which means fire in English. It was a very hot cave, hence the lack of clothes :-)

tom 119

Tom Tomlinson in C119()



Cape Range map