The Biology section of the web site is finally up.  Many, many thanks to Fran Head for gathering and writing it.  Also thanks to the huge list of people who contributed photo's. The material in the section was used as a presentation at the Wildlife Show at the Perth Town Hall in 2016.

It's under Specialties  >  Biology in the menu (or just click HERE)

If you have any corrections or additions you want to make please let us know!!

Click here for more images   Trip Images courtesy of Danny Wilkinson are HERE


In January of 2016 nine members of WASG and SRGWA visited the Mole Creek area of Tasmania thanks to a generous invitation extended by Dave Wools-Cobb of the Mole Creek Caving Club.  Our intrepid adventurers, braving the cold and wet world of Tasmanian caves were Andrew Thomas, Aimee Leong, Gregoriy Tsaplin, Brett Wiltshire, Luana Dwyer, Danny Wilkinson, Weidi Koh, Asha Lane and Jane Wong.

Welcome to the new WASG web site!

This site takes the place of the old one which was created, nurtured and maintained by Rauleigh Webb from the early days of the World Wide Web.  After 20 odd years Rauleigh wanted a change.  He still has lots of irons in the fire with OzCavers, ACMA, Map Library etc so he's not out to pasture yet.  The old site can be found here

This new site takes advantage of faster internet speeds so images are a bit bigger.  Some of the old content has been brought over but some new content has already appeared.  This site uses a content management system.  The idea is to allow different people access into the site so they can create the content themselves (perhaps with assistance).  The new site also uses a responsive framework - this means that it changes depending on the size of the screen so for a tablet the look and behaviour is different to that of a laptop or desktop computer.

This site is definitely going to be a group effort.  I encourage you to show your trips, your ideas, your dreams. 

David London, May 2016