The map library contains copies and originals of most of the caves that have been mapped by WASG members since the club began in 1959. Maps can be viewed by contacting the Map Curator to arrange a time to look at required maps. Maps may be copied for members who require a copy for research work, a project. or even if you just have an interest in a specific cave. Some maps may be subect to Copyright and will require permission from the author before copies can be made.

A computer database is available to determine if a map of a particular cave exists. The database can be searched by cave name or number to determine if a map is available. The program also produces reports of cave maps by area. The details available for each map include, the name of the cave, the number of the cave, the scale of the map, the grade of the survey, the surveyors name and who holds the original map. The physical size of the map is also stored. This information is important when copying maps as some maps may be several metres in length!

Two typical lookups for the Map Library Database are available in the Members Only part of the web site - Maps done by Surveyor and Maps for an Area