Fossils of sea urchins can be found in a number of caves in the Cape Range.



Remnant of the fossilised tooth (~2 cm across) of an ancient shark (Carcharon megalodon?) embedded in the limestone of a Cape Range rockshelter cave. These marine fossils indicate that the area was previously part of the coastal reef system..


Surface fossils give further proof of the Cape Range area’s marine origins


Coral fossils in surface rocks.



This heavily magnified photograph of a piece of Mandu Calcarenite (limestone) from the Cape Range reveals fossils of microscopic marine creatures (Foraminifera?)


The two fossils below, both from south-west caves, tell us about the creatures that lived there in the past.


Wombat (?) jawbone with other skull fragments embedded in a rock



Possum (?) jawbones in the roof of another cave.