The blind cave gudgeon, Milyeringa veritas, is found in caves and rockholes giving access to subterranean waters on the coastal plain of the North West Cape.






With a matchstick to indicate the fish’s size.


BlindAmphipod CapeRange

An unknown species of blind amphipod – a tiny crustacean – found in subterranean waters in a Cape Range cave.


BlindAmphipod Yanchep

Austrochiltonia subtenuis, another blind amphipod, found in subterranean waters at Yanchep.


BlindEel NorthWestCape

The extremely rare blind eel, Ophisternon candidum, found in subterranean waters of the North West Cape coastal plain. Only a few of these eels have ever been seen. This specimen was collected in 1981 by Mike Newton, a national parks ranger and member of WASG.


BlindEel NorthWestCape2


BlindShrimp NorthWestCape

Small blind shrimps, Stygiocaris sp., found in subterranean waters of the North West coastal plain. Their food can plainly be seen through their transparent bodies as it progresses through the digestive system.


BlindShrimp NorthWestCape2