50 Terrestrial flatworm

Terrestrial flatworm from a cave in the Eneabba area.


51 Symphyla Trog (Tb) YN

A symphylan – a soil-dwelling troglobite, the ‘pseudocentipede’ or ‘garden centipede’ – found in a Yanchep cave.


52 RAnderson Napiers 2013 22v2

A trogloxene cricket, Endacusta sp., photographed in a cave in the Napier Range, West Kimberley.


53 Staphilinidae, Pselaphinae, Tyrini, beetle Tb YN (2)

A troglobitic beetle (Pselaphinae: Tyrini) photographed in a Yanchep cave.


54 Schizomida Draculoides brooksi crop

The tiny troglobitic schizomid Draculoides brooksi, which is endemic to the Cape Range


55 Cindy papilion 2 crop

Another at Draculoides brooksi at Cape Range


56 Exmouth pic credit unknown

The Draculoides brooksi, was named for the WASG member who first collected it, Darren Brooks.