20 Scolopendrid centipede Southrift


Troglobitic centipede around 10 cm long found at Yanchep, possibly from the family Scolopendridae, and potentially an undescribed species.


21 Ngilgi Cave 7

Troglobitic centipede of the family Crytopidae found in a cave at Yallingup.


Scutigerid centipedes, while not normally troglobitic, are frequently seen in caves. They are spectacular in motion, appearing to ‘ripple’ along as their long legs move in ‘waves’.

22 Scutigerid rotated cropped

Scutigerid centipede in a Cape Range cave.


23 Scutigerid reduced

Scutigerid centipede in the Eneabba area


24 Scutigerid

Scutigerid centipede near Cervantes