This page is for people to express their thoughts on various cave conservation matters.  Please read the articles and if your would like to submit one yourself, email to:- the WASG Webmaster

1.Steve Wright's comments on Nannup Cave in the South-West of Western Australia

2.  Rauleigh Webb's article relating to several Conservation issues in the South-West of Western Ausralia

3. Rauleigh Webb's 1982 article relating to the management of Drovers Cave, WA

This paper published in the proceedings of the Australian Speleological Federations 14 Biennial Conference is STILL relevant today. Some of the graffitti has been removed from the cave but the gating of the cave still places it at the TOP of the most threaten cave list in Western Australia. Many thanks to Ken Grimes for providing a photocopy of the original paper so that it could be scanned and placed here.