This page contains information about Carbide Lamps. Lots of photographs of Lamps but with a request for more. A Classified/Trading Post is available for those wishing to Trade/Sell/Buy Lamps.







Carbide Lamps - Frequently Asked Questions

The Carbide Lamp FAQ

Photographs of Carbide Lamps

Mainly American Carbide Lamp Photos
Carbide Bicycle Lamp Photos
Lucas Carbide Bicycle Lamp Photos
Miller Carbide Bicycle Lamp Photos
A wide ranging collection of Lamps in Holland by Adrian van Kats
Postcard image of Girl and Carbide Lamp - dated 1912

Information on Carbide Lamps

The Carbide Caver - Infomation on Parts, Restoration, Upkeep, Troubleshooting and Purchasing Carbide Lamps and more ....
Carbide Lamp basic Description and cutaway diagram
Copy of the Pinnacle No 5 Brochure from 1973 - Shows a cutaway diagram of the lamp.
Carbide Cap Lamp page in the USA
Carbide Hand Lamp page in the USA

Information on Demon Strike Lights - Australia's Cap Lamp

An Article on Demon Strike Lights by Stephen McCabe
Scans of an original page of information from a Demon Strike Light box

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