Whilst not part of Western Australia, there have been couple of expeditions to Christmas Island by WASG members.  Christmas Island is a territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean and is in fact closer to Indonesia than Australia although Western Australia is the closest Australian State.

An article titled The History of Christmas Island and the Management of its Karst Features gives a great intro to the island

Below are some of the images taken on the 1987 expedition to the Island.  More pictures are in the Members Only Images section of the web site

Vanda Longman in the streamway of Daniel Roux Cave


A helictite in Lost Lake Cave.


Brian Vine in a well decorated cave on Christmas Island


The main chamber in Bishop's Cave. This cave was named after Roy Bishop who did a considerable amount of early cave exploration on the Island.


A richly coloured pool in Daniel Roux Cave


Vanda Longman in the upper level chamber in Daniel Roux Cave


Brian Vine next to The Phantasm in Phantasmagoria in Lost Lake Cave on Christmas Island


David Longman (foreground), Lucinda Coates (midground) and Jim Fyfe (distance) enjoying the "jungle" of Christmas Island. Jim was cutting track at the front of the group